The Existentialism of Floral Spuzzem: Exploring the MTG Underground

“Every Spore builds its Flower in its own image. It has the power to choose, but not the power to escape the Necessity of Choice.” -Plant Rand, Thallid Philosopher

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On the Road: A Trip to Hell to interview the Damned (Eternal Weekend 2015)

“The Road to Hell is paved with unplayed foil Tarmogoyfs.”

-Erhnam Hemingway

I am an Old Djinn these days. My once Iconic reputation is now a faded and tattered banner of a forgotten age. In my youthful days, I would travel anywhere I could trick some poor bastard into carrying my bottle. Now I can hardly be bothered to set my feet in motion. I have given my bottle to a cat, who fortunately does not grasp the concept of wishes, and I am trying to enjoy a deranged mockery of retirement. It is a grotesque mix of sadness and cleverness, neither of which truly suits me, and at least a few times a year I cannot bear it. I spend some green mana and my Wanderlust kicks in.

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